MENU Virtual Newsroom: Coach of the Year debate, Koch’s arrival at FC Edmonton

In the latest episode of the Virtual Newsroom…’s Charlie O’Connor-Clarke and Marty Thompson talk about the 2020 CPL Awards, including a potential snub for the Coach of the Year, FC Edmonton’s new bench boss Alan Koch’s arrival and what to expect from him, and Pacific FC’s latest re-signings.

Check back Monday for a special Concacaf League preview, teeing up Forge FC’s Concacaf League tilt with Haitian club Arcahaie FC.


  • 0:34 – Marty and Charlie get right into it: Coach of the Year at Awards 2020
  • 2:07 – “Bobby Smyrniotis has won two CPL Championships, but no Coach of the Year award.”
  • 4:39 – “Best coach is a weird category in any sport… Many will vote for the most-surprising team.”
  • 6:31 – Credit where credit is due: Stephen Hart created a rebuilt, incredibly “synchronized” team with the Wanderers.
  • 8:33 – “You can’t take anything away from Kyle Bekker either…”
  • 10:31 – Alan Koch joins FC Edmonton: Expectations, playing style, etc.
  • 13:40 – How much of the FCE roster will remain?
  • 16:49 – Marty and Charlie recap Pacific FC’s re-signings…
  • 17:39 – … and Mista returns to Atlético Ottawa!