CCL! Power Rankings, No. 14: Forge take top, HFX leapfrog sliding Valour

The Centre Circle LIVE! crew has returned to rank the CPL’s seven clubs for the fifth time in the CPL’s Fall session.

The team has submitted their own takes on this table, creating a subjective ranking that will be repeated and published every week. These rankings were not reset between the Spring and Fall and will thus continue until the end of the season on Oct. 19.

1. Forge FC (3-1-1)


MOVEMENT: p.ranking_up +2
Last week: No. 3

In control against their Guatemalan opponents Antigua GFC on Thursday at Tim Hortons Field, Forge FC head into the first full week of August on a five-match unbeaten run — with a decent shot to advance in CONCACAF League play. Coupled with Fall champion form, and the addition of David Edgar, Forge are building steam.

2. Cavalry FC (3-0-1)


MOVEMENT: p.ranking_down -1
Last week: No. 1

Idle since their draw with Valour FC, Cavalry FC have had two matches rescheduled due to Cup runs from them and Forge. The Spring season champions are in for something special this week, though, with a Canadian Championship Semi-Final first leg against Montreal Impact in Montreal.

3. York9 FC (3-2-0)


MOVEMENT: p.ranking_down -1
Last week: No. 2

Another idle side, York9 FC drop from their all-time high of second on this list, coming from their all-time win against HFX. Up next? Valour at home.

4. FC Edmonton (2-1-2)


Last week: No. 4

The Eddies found their footing against an admittedly vulnerable Wanderers side on Wednesday, grabbing a 2-0 win heading into a long-weekend break. Jeff Paulus’ side remains in “top four” contention as his strikers find their feet, especially youngster Easton Ongaro.

5. HFX Wanderers FC (2-5-0)


MOVEMENT: p.ranking_up +2
Last week: No. 7

Wounds still fresh from their five-match losing skit, and placing bottom of the Power Rankings last week, the Wanderers waltzed back into Wanderers Grounds and grabbed all three points against Valour on Monday. Stingy defending, with a well-taken set-piece, corrects HFX’s Fall season and shoots them out of the basement on this list.

6. Pacific FC (1-3-1)


Last week: No. 6

Pacific FC was just moments away from taking all three points at IG Field before an excruciatingly late penalty left them with a share. Defending continues to be an issue for PFC but, if correct, could their attacking group have enough to propel them into CanPL’s “top four”?

7. Valour FC (0-2-3)


MOVEMENT: p.ranking_down -2
Last week: No. 5

Frustrations boiled over for Valour FC on Civic Holiday Monday in Halifax. Rob Gale’s side saw their winless streak stretch to 11 matches, nearly getting a third injury-time penalty in as many matches. An away date with York9 FC awaits…